The Importance of Mathematics Essay

The Importance of Mathematics Essay

When most people heard the word mathematics, they don’t get too excited or interested neither they don’t like mathematics, they hate mathematics or even it’s hard to understand mathematics for them. In fact, we use mathematics in our everyday life when we cook, we buy, we travel and in everything we did.

Math encourages us to think scientifically and have better thinking capacities. Thinking is our capacity to ponder a circumstance. Scientific and thinking abilities are significant in light of the fact that they assist us with taking care of issues and search for arrangements. Math is everywhere, without the existence of mathematics, all the things that we have today wouldn’t be possible.

That’s why we study strategies in mathematics to let us know the valuable of math for estimating the situations and to take away the mindset of others that mathematics is difficult. Strategies of Mathematics can help us to apply and to keep in our mind that math is not just for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers but also for analyzing the different situations including dividing attentions for the students who are in need understanding. Not all students learn the same way, might some students understand the lessons easily and the others are need for more elaboration to catch up the main topic.

In this semester we tackled about strategies in mathematics, we assigned a different topics to report in the whole semester. In my observation, some of my classmates was shy and lack of confidence when they are in reporting. While some make an effort to explain for us clearly their topics and do their report by using different strategies in mathematics, especially in the topic of Mathematical Manipulative

Materials, they use different kinds of manipulative things to interpret to us the importance of their topic. Mathematical Manipulative Materials is helpful, as we know that many kinds of materials in our surroundings is manipulative materials like rocks, sticks, papers and anything that we can use in mathematics. Strategies are what we need to get the attention of our students in class, so they can keep up with and follow the lecture.

Being a teacher or professor is not easy, they divide their time and attention for their family and students. Some are sacrificing just for teach their students to have a good future, that’s why I salute all the teachers and professors. After graduation, I set in my mind that I don’t want to teach, because of my short patience. But when I learn strategies in mathematics, I thought to myself to teach math subject.

Because I realize that teaching is not about how long patience do you have, it’s about how your students treat you and appreciates you. Strategies in Mathematics teach me not just to know the basic operations in mathematics but also the basic strategies of being an effective teacher to my students. Furthermore, I will use and apply all the techniques and skills that I’ve learn in this semester to make my students excellent in and out of the school.

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