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rubiaceae family pdf

rubiaceae family pdf

Macarasig. Schumann 1891) in two major groups, the multiovulate subfamily Cinchonoideae versus the uniovulate Coffeoideae. It is fifth largest family of flowering plants by number of genera and the fourth or fifth largest number of species. A few members of Rubiaceae viz. Most of the family is tropical and woody. … Rubiaceae have a cosmopolitan distribution and are found in nearly every region of the world, except for extreme environments such as the polar regions and deserts. Semua tumbuhan berbiji adalah heterospora, Rubiaceae 1. the coffee family Aloc. 10. The Albertia manga's glossy leaves, brilliant flowers, and fruits, makes this is an aristocrat in gardens. RUBIACEAE –MADDER OR BEDSTRAW FAMILY Plant: herbs, woody vines, shrubs, and trees Stem: often with square stems, sometimes bristly Root: Leaves: simple, opposite or whorled, rarely alternate; stipules present and sometimes as large as leaves Flowers: mostly perfect (some monoecious or dioecious); mostly 4 or 5 (petals, sepals, and stamens); flowers often in a branched cluster; ovary Tumbuhan ini memiliki arti penting bagi organisme lain di bumi. family. Table-1: Ethanomedicinal uses of . The coffee family (Rubiaceae; ca. Rubiaceae (coffee family) is the fourth-largest angiosperm family, comprising approximately 660 genera and 11,500 species and classified into 42 tribes (Robbrecht and Manen, 2006). 11,150 species in ca. Title: Microsoft Word - Flora of China Volume 19.doc Author: Nick Turland Created Date: 1/23/2011 1:44:11 PM However, more recent studies Bahan makanan manusia dan hewan banyak yang berasal dari tumbuhan berbiji. family plant . Tuibeo 2. Tumbuhan berbiji meliputi semua tumbuhan yang menghasilkan biji. The Rubiaceae family taxonomic classification is complex and there are still some gaps which have to be filled. The family contains about 13,500 species in about 620 genera, which makes it the fourth-largest angiosperm family. Hamelia patens, is an ornamental plant belong from . family plants play great role in the pharmacy to innovative drugs and used in conventional medicine to treat chronic and even communicable diseases. The Rubiaceae is a family of about 611 genera including some 13000 species of herb and shrub plants. According to the classification of Robbrecht [8], the Rubiaceae family is divided into four subfamilies: Rubioideae, Cinchonoideae, Antirheoideae and Ixoroideae. Rubieae is the only tribe centered in temperate regions, but obtains a … Para maalala natin... + Okay. S. No. Caguimbal. 660 genera according to the first author’s world database of the family) is the fourth largest family of angiosperms. Korth. The distribution pattern of the family is very similar to the global distribution of plant diversity overall. Rubiacea. Rubiaceae. Mytragyna parvifolia (Roxb.) Family: Rubiaceae Natal flame bush Origin: South Africa. However, the largest diversity is distinctly concentrated in the hu- mid tropics and subtropics. The Rubiaceae are a family of flowering plants, commonly known as the coffee, madder, or bedstraw family.It consists of terrestrial trees, shrubs, lianas, or herbs that are recognizable by simple, opposite leaves with interpetiolar stipules and sympetalous actinomorphic flowers. The family was classi-cally divided (e.g. Family Rubiaceae (Family Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Cephalanthus (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and ... F | G | H | ... 8 || PDF Restionaceae 24 || PDF Rhamnaceae 12 Rhizophoraceae 13 Rhoipteleaceae 5 || PDF Rosaceae 9 || PDF Rubiaceae 19 Ruppiaceae 23 Rutaceae: part 1 except Citrus, etc. Joke.

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