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potato cauliflower vindaloo

potato cauliflower vindaloo

This dish feeds four as a side (or as a main for vegetarian friends if you use veggie stock instead of chicken), but if you toss in some cooked diced chicken or canned wild salmon, you’ve got a hearty and satisfying meal that takes one pot from start to finish. I hate, hate, hate mincing garlic. Add cauliflower and cook 3 minutes. Roasting cauliflower gives it a very nice nutty flavor and both vegetables, when roasted, take on a nice crispy exterior with a soft interior. Recently, my pals at Pure Indian Foods sent me some of their new spices to try, and the bottle of Organic Vindaloo Curry Seasoning really stood out in my mind. Add the chopped vegetables, vinegar and a little water and bring to boil. Garnish with cilantro. Let me know what you think! Add cauliflower and cook 3 minutes. What you won’t often find is a vegetarian or vegan-friendly vindaloo. Boil potatoes for 10 minutes, add the cauliflower and cook for 3 minutes then add the green beans and cook for another 2 minutes. Looking for easy vegan dinner options?This spicy vegan vindaloo features roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoesserved over rice.All of this, of course, with the help of Maya Kaimal’s simmer sauces – … For more details, view my privacy policy. Roast the sweet potato, covered, for 15 minutes. This looks hearty, delicious, and simple. These aluminum baking sheets come highly recommended by the cooks who know best – Epicurious, Cooks Illustrated and Food & Wine. Your email address will not be published. You see, I am smitten with their vegan sauce options. Add the ginger and garlic and sauté for 2-3 minutes more being careful not to burn. One that wouldn’t warp – and this one lives up to the task. 1 Tsp Red Chili Powder. ©2020 Steph Gaudreau, All Rights Reserved. Can’t wait to try! I’ve also got a few plans for the Organic Tandoori Masala Seasoning coming up soon! Add the curry powder and cook for 30 seconds to release the oils in the spices. Ever forget how hot those handles get? Cook uncovered for 10 minutes more, stirring gently to avoid breaking apart the vegetables. Everyone loved it. The “aloo” part of vindaloo literally translates to potatoes. This is our new favorite recipe! Sauté the onion on medium-low heat until browned. 1. Yeah, me too. Potato And Spinach Vindaloo Body and Soul boiling potatoes, fine sea salt, hot curry powder, ground cumin and 17 more Cauliflower Butternut squash Vindaloo Cookincity This is a non-stick pan, but to ease my mind about using it (and recommending it), I did a little research. Delicious recipe! This Whole Food Plant Based nod to the classic Indian Potato Vindaloo dish is brimming full of aromatic spices, hearty potatoes, protein-packed chickpeas, and nourishing veggies making all your potato dreams come true. Gobi Recipes Veg Recipes Indian Food Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Cooking Recipes Healthy Recipes Vegan Vegetarian Indian Potato Recipes Raw Vegan. Easy Vegan Dinner: Sweet Potato and Roasted Cauliflower Vindaloo. Add the simmer sauce to the pan, as well as the roasted vegetables. Vindaloo is a Goan dish Makes a great dinner side dish! Toward the end of the roasting process, I get started on the sauce. The Ove Glove will help to protect your hands when cooking (and forgetting). It’s popular for a reason. Toward the end of the roasting process, heat up the coconut oil in a large skillet. Required fields are marked *. Vegetable Vindaloo. Diced tomatoes, chicken broth and full-fat coconut milk rounded out the pantry goods. Add cauliflower florets and fry for 2-3 minutes and then add the sliced potatoes. I happen to have a head of cauliflower chilling in my fridge right now, so I’m making this tonight!! Haven’t tried it yet but I definitely will Thanks for sharing! Push the tofu out to the sides of the of the saucepan, making a space in the center. Cook the onion for 10 mins until soft, then add the ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin and curry powder. This quest has led me down a lot of different paths, but I have come up some winners. Also, if i don’t have curry vindaloo, do you think subbing curry powder with cayenne would do? Toss in the tomatoes and chicken broth. Cook 5 minutes, covered stirring occasionally. 1 Head Cauliflower (Medium to Small) 2 Large Potatoes. Add onion and garlic, cooking and stirring for about 5 minutes until the onion starts to turn translucent. Another winner: Maya Kaimal’s Indian Simmer Sauces. I like to use a deep-sided skillet (see below) when making this dish and it has square edges at the bottom. Add the I’ve read a dozen posts about why you shouldn’t use a garlic press. I mean, I guess if you have a tiny kitchen you might have to make those choices. Steph, this looks amazing! Just check that heat level so you don’t go too far . Stir in curry powder, cayenne and the remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt; cook 1 minute. Wow! You can, if you’d like, put them directly into the pan with the sauce and allow them to simmer until soft, but I do like the extra step of roasting them. It came out perfect even when I adjusted to seasoning to omit vindaloo for milder curry. Chicken, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Vindaloo with Quinoa. That is, until you take matters into your own hands and bring this easy vegan meal to your table using cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Thank you for such an awesome site! Drain on a tissue paper and set aside. Herbivore’s Kitchen is a blog run by me, a plant-based home chef and aspiring food photographer. Cauliflower Sweet Potato Curry Vindaloo is a super-satisfying and easy side dish that will compliment any protein. Your email address will not be published. Heat the oil in a saucepan. Remove the lid and stir in the coconut milk and roasted sweet potato until everything is warmed through. It was a breeze to make and I will certainly want to experiment with variations. Serve the vegetable vindaloo over rice and garnish with sliced chilis and cilantro. Add chicken and heat through. And if that doesn’t sound lovely enough, this combination of spices is made into a sauce when combined with coconut cream and tomato paste. I use it regularly when making a dish like this where there is some liquid that I need to cook off. Looking for easy vegan dinner options? Vindaloo hails from Goa India, and can be made with pork, prawns, lamb, chicken or beef. You’re welcome. WIN! To that end, I’ve been working on more one-pot vegan meals, like vegetable heavy soups and savory pasta sauces (okay – technically, that’s two pots: one for the pasta and one for the sauce). Roasted Cauliflower. I roast my vegetables on high heat, setting my oven temp at 450 degrees. In a large skillet or Dutch oven, melt the ghee over medium heat. 2. Love how you made it your own! If you’re a food science geek like me, let this be your bible. Once the onion becomes browned, I add the Maya Kaimal Spicy Vindaloo Simmer Sauce, timing it with the final roasting time for the cauliflower and sweet potatoes. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Remove from the heat and serve with wholegrain rice, finely chopped coriander and a dollop of yogurt. This spoon & scraper helps me get to them. 4. In general, you don’t want to overheat a non-stick pan. Then remove the foil and roast for an additional 20-25 minutes or until browned. I love how easy vegan dinner can be with these sauces, each made with a list of pronounceable and recognizable ingredients. I’ve also tried to build up an arsenal of commercially made seasonings and sauces that are vegan and not overly processed. A vegetable vindaloo is a simple, practical and delicious way to use up vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, peppers, beans, celery or carrots that are nearing the end of their shelf life in the crisper or pantry. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, so these baking sheets cook evenly. Go easy on those peppers though, this dish is spicy on its own. My husband (who doesn’t normally like curry, but will try any recipe I put in front of him at least once) even said he would eat it again. Sounds like you found a way to make it your own which is always awesome! Good eating for all curry lovers. I didn’t have the vindaloo curry (yet) so I made this with one of the masalas I had in my pantry, and I used frozen cauliflower. Thanks for the recipe. Now add the cauliflower. With the sauce taken care of, this easy vegan dinner practically makes itself. <3. Want to hear an even better trick? Pour in the chopped tomatoes, coconut milk, then drain and add the chickpeas. But it’s because I sought them out. If you’d like to make your own rice, I recommend a basmati rice with this dish. With just a hint of sweet. Prepare the rice in accordance with package directions. Lately, I’ve thinking about ways to simplify this. It’s just the idea! ... Stir in the tomatoes, tomato paste, cauliflower, green beans, and bell pepper. Required fields are marked *. It’s a bit I learned from The Science of Good Cooking. Do you think it would work out if I blended with an immersion blender then add the sweet potatoes and some chicken? They’re smaller than a can opener. Adjust the seasoning levels with sea salt and more curry powder if desired. Your email address will not be published. It’s a perfect balance of hot and savoury. easy vegan dinner, easy vegan recipes, roasted cauliflower, savory vegan dinners, sweet potatoes, vegan, vegan Indian food, vindaloo. Thank you for your support! Fry on medium-low flame for 7-8 minutes till potatoes and cauliflower have some brown spots on them. When done drain and set aside. The result was tender cauliflower perfectly seasoned with the warm spices from the curry, a touch of sweet from the potato, a little acid from the tomatoes, and creaminess from the coconut. Steph Gaudreau (she/her), BS, MA, NTP, is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helping women break up with diets so they finally feel free to eat. Serves 4. Maya Kaimal’s Spicy Vindaloo Indian Simmer Sauce, Maya Kaimal's vegan Spicy Vindaloo Simmer Sauce, Maya Kaimal's Perfectly Plain Surekha Rice, Vegan Unagi Rolls with Miso Glazed Eggplant. My recipes are all in a meal planner. Design by, Ethnic, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Veggies, Whole30, medium, cut into florets (about 4-5 cups). Be really thoughtful when you’re preheating it on the stove before adding oil. I’m so much happier not peeling garlic cloves with my fingernails. Stir in the tomatoes and sugar. 1 ½ Tsp Crushed Ginger. Turn up the heat to medium-high, cook and stir for about 5 minutes. I start by roasting my cauliflower and sweet potatoes. First, I sauté some onions, garlic and fresh ginger in about 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Like that handy-dandy wooden scraper I suggested? Vindaloo sauce gets it heat from serrano pepper which is rounded out by other spices like paprika, ginger, coriander, turmeric, mustard, cumin and cinnamon. Add broth and tomatoes. A cast iron skillet would work as well, but mine is a little too small for this recipe. instant pot pork vindaloo with Cauliflower rice. BUT. Looks delicious–like an even better version of aloo gobhi! I’m a fool for extra spice though and I do love the color they add to the dish as a whole! However, you can also use it for meats like chicken and mutton. My husband said this is something he would would order at a restaurant and my daughter (who “doesn’t like cauliflower”) asked for seconds! Put a lid on and cook the veggies for another 10 to 12 minutes, until the cauliflower is fork-tender. This tip, of course, came from my friends at America’s Test Kitchen. If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #stephgaudreau — I love to see your creations on Instagram and Facebook! Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. The title of this post was all of my favorite things put together Looks great, I’ll have to try this over the weekend! For this presentation, I used Maya Kaimal’s Surekha Rice (pronounced sir-RAY-ka), which is ready for serving in about 90 seconds. Saved by Joanie Simon. I can’t wait . Cauliflower Sweet Potato Curry Vindaloo is a super-satisfying and easy side dish that will compliment any protein. 2 – 3 Tbsp Low Fat Sour Cream or Yogurt. Toss cauliflower and chickpeas with Vindaloo curry powder and melted ghee in a large bowl. Arrange cauliflower and chick peas in a single layer on prepared baking sheet. For serving, I like this dish over rice. 2-4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 1 Tsp Cooking oil. Had to make a few changes because I didn’t have some things: used curry powder and frozen cauliflower/broccoli blend (partially thawed it), and no coconut milk. Winner, winner, chicken (free) dinner. Learn how your comment data is processed. Steph Gaudreau receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. How to Make Mixed Vegetable Vindaloo. 2 Medium or 1 large Tomato. Spread each vegetable, separately, out on a baking sheet and gently mix with 1 tbsp of grapeseed oil, salt and pepper. My SO can’t handle the heat. No, that’s not the brand. In my own life, as well as in yours. Serves 6. All of this, of course, with the help of Maya Kaimal’s simmer sauces – my new best friend in the kitchen. Cauliflower Sweet Potato Curry Vindaloo is a super-satisfying and easy side dish that will compliment any protein. Bringing all those cozy, comforting feels. (I always have those on hand so recipes like this can happen in a flash.). Aloo Gobi - Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with onion, tomatoes & spices is a popular Indian recipe. One of them actually suggested that they take up valuable kitchen space. Drain the sweet potato and cauliflower and add to the pan. I rarely make the same thing twice in one month unless I love it! For the complete list, visit my Shop where you can find the kitchen gadgets I like as well as a list of books that I recommend. 248. What I especially love is the way that the sweet potatoes play well with the spicy sauce. Can I use raw sweet potatoes and add them in earlier? Vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, paneer or tofu, and even potatoes can be made with this paste. By no means is the derivation of word vindaloo from potatoes or aloo which is a common perception especially in India.. Usually, vindaloo masala is used to make Pork and Beef Vindaloo in Goa. Add chilli powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and sugar, fry till the oil separates from the mixture. Vindaloo is a spicy dish, so it’s near and dear to my heart. Ingredients for pork Vindaloo. Add the broth, tomato paste, cider vinegar and brown sugar. I made this for the first time today, and I will definitely be making it again! That’s a wonderful compliment. Thank you . Cook your vegetables separately, then add to curry once the liquid has had a chance to reduce (this should take about 30 minutes). I love having a skillet with some depth to it. Making this change has prompted a variety of food and holistic-lifestyle related questions that I explore through this blog. The idea is to cook the outside of the vegetables quickly, obtaining a crispy crust, before all of the moisture in the vegetables evaporates. Heat 2 teaspoon of oil in a pan on medium heat. Largest collection of healthy Indian veg recipes and non-veg food - breakfast, snacks, soup, dessert and dinner. Here’s a short list of what helped me create this blog post and recipe. If there’s one criticism I hear frequently it’s that cooking a healthy vegan dinner at home is time consuming. At home. Then I came across their vegan simmer sauces and quick and easy vegan dinners have not been the same around here. Looks really tasty. I bought mine because I needed a good, sturdy baking sheet to use under the broiler. Stir well and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Hi Lisa! Stir in the tomato paste until no lumps of paste remain. pork shoulder, cut into 4 pieces 1 onion, chopped 1 tablespoon ghee or oil 1 jar Masala Mama Vindaloo Simmer Sauce 2 tablespoons brown sugar. San Diego, CA 92163. They’re such an easy way to eat well in 80 sq. Cauliflower Sweet Potato Curry Vindaloo Recipe. PO Box 33874 Sometimes I use affiliate links so I can earn commission for my recommendations. Despite the simple list of ingredients, this soup is richly flavorful due in large part to a few hacks for eeking some good umami out of plant-based ingredients like tomatoes and onions. 1 Tsp Coriander Powder. Add ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes, cinnamon and fry for some time. Continue simmering the mixture until the sweet potato … And, you should use soft utensils so as not to scratch the surface. Was looking for something different to do with the sweet potato I had on hand. Cook 1minutes. How do you do this? Add remaining tablespoon of oil, sweet potatoes and onion to skillet and stir-fry for 5 minutes. Want to know what tools and resources I keep on hand to make my vegan cooking even easier? Her podcast, Listen to Your Body, has 3+ million downloads and counting. Remove the stem and about 1 inch of the core with a paring knife. Fry the onions and garlic in the oil for 2 minutes, add the chopped chilli, chilli powder and vindaloo paste and cook for another 2 minutes. Cook for 1 min more. Recently, my pals at Pure Indian Foods sent me some of their new spices to try, and the bottle of Organic Vindaloo Curry Seasoning really stood out in my mind. Sweet potatoes and cauliflower will need to roast for different lengths of time, so I recommend putting them on two separate baking sheets. When I find a great product or service, I like to share it with my readers. And you can make it just like restaurants do. Wash and cut the cauliflower and sweet potato into bite-sized pieces. I think it’s worth the little extra effort. Thanks for the recipe. Add the chicken, They’re also light in color, so they discourage over-browning. Steaming your sweet potatoes and cauliflower before you roast them goes a step further in ensuring that they’re not wrinkled and dried out when you pull them from the oven.

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